Tribute Night

After  a wildly successful kickoff last May, Girl Germs is beyond excited to announce the next installment  in our ongoing concert series.  On January 10th at the Turf Club, join us once again in honoring women in music the best way we know how: a live tribute featuring some knockout local artists. The venue, musicians and overall theme of the artists being interpreted is different this time around, but the sentiment is the same and there’s a LOT to look forward to amongst this talented group.  We seriously can’t wait to share another special evening of music with Minneapolis/St. Paul and we have a sneaky feeling that you’ll all feel the same way.

Buy tickets here! 


Aby Wolf performing Kate Bush
Alpha Consumer performing Aretha Franklin
Kitten Forever performing Beyoncé
K.Raydio performing Erykah Badu
Yoni Yum performing Marianne Faithfull

None other than Andrea Swensson of 89.3 The Current will host. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get updates. Many thanks to our sponsors, 89.3 The Current, City Pages and She Rock She Rock. See you at the Turf!


Thanks to Kid Jerf for the poster!

CURRENTWEB CityPages.com_under_red



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