About Us


Girl Germs = Sally + Dana, two music-loving writer gals who met at a lobster bar.

Back in 2013, Sally interviewed Dana for an article about Girls Got Rhythm Fest. They hit it off; a few months later Stevie Nicks came to each of them in a dream and prophesied their true calling: to honor the lady musicians who have shaped their lives and careers. So they created this site (“Girl Germs” is a shout-out to the name of a Bratmobile song — it’s also a continuation of Dana’s old podcast, which she originally started as a show on Radio K in 2010), and a series of tribute nights in Minneapolis devoted to influential female artists.


As music writers,  we know the cultural landscape is lacking in feminist representation, and we aim to fill the void a bit. We’re not into arbitrary rock-critic “best of” lists or self-indulgent thinkpieces (nor do we think every female rock band sounds like Sleater-Kinney). We know music is most accurately represented through how people – men and women – really experience it: passionate conversations about their favorite albums, stacks of borrowed records, shared video links, giddy concert-going, heartfelt karaoke tributes. So, our purpose is pretty simple:

  • We provide a forum to obsess over and discuss the ladies who have made a lasting impact on us and the music we love.
  • We produce and promote events that allow musicians of any gender to honor and reinterpret the brilliance of their favorite female artists.
  • We fill in the gaps of popular music history, celebrating and reflecting women’s contributions and accomplishments.

Sally Hedberg is a freelance music writer turned PR gal living in Brooklyn, New York.  She grew up in the Twin Cities worshipping Liz Phair and Kim Gordon and has facilitated discussion with leading ladies from many eras as a journalist. The only thing that truly gives her a sense of accomplishment is karaoke.  Dana Raidt is an editor and freelance music writer. By toddlerhood she was obsessed with Tina Turner, her first concert (during which she almost died from sheer joy) was Babes in Toyland, and now she’s lucky enough to interview many of the female musicians she admires and to book events that give deserving women their due cred.

Want to know more? Contact us: girlgermsmpls [at] gmail [dot] com

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