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Bruise Violet’s Essential Lunachicks Playlist

Hey everybody, it’s your favorite local problematic Bruise Violet here. Today we’ll be talking about who we’re covering for Girl Germs: the absolutely crazy-fun Lunachicks!! When it came to choosing a band to cover, this was one of the first ones in mind that we had. Danielle’s mom actually was the one who introduced her to them by giving her an old pin of hers, saying “If you’ve never heard of this band, you need to check them out”.

The Lunachicks were extremely underrated for their time. They used to play around with L7 and Babes in Toyland a lot, but never really got the same attention as they did. Theo Kogan’s powerful low vocals dominated with their wailing guitars, thumping bass lines, and extremely tight harmonies. They were punk, they were metal, they were rock, they were EVERYTHING. Plus, these girls knew had to have a good time. Their look was “Barbie on acid”: with makeup smeared all over their faces and ridiculous outfits each night, and they had a huge sense of humor to match.

Here’s an introductory playlist we’ve made to them, with explanations of why we chose each song!


This is Serious:
Does YOUR favorite band have their own theme song? THE LUNACHICKS DO. This song is so freakin’ fun and in your face, telling you that “Lunachicks make lots of noise to prove rock n roll’s not just for boys”. They fuckin rule.

Drop Dead:
A killer anthem for “girls kickin’ some ass, honey”. Nothing like telling someone to not fuck with you because you’ll fart in their face.

Light as a Feather:
Killer riff, killer chorus hook, and the video sends us back to middle school with some sleepover vibes. We all don’t wanna relive that time, but the Lunachicks sure make it look fun.

Play this song next time someone pisses you off. Guarantee you’ll feel a million times better. Plus, the guitars in this song are NUTS. YOU ALWAYS WANT WHAT YOU CAN’T HAVE, AND BABY, YA CAN’T HAVE ME.

Jerk of all Trades:
Literally the most badass anthem for girls. Danielle once missed her exit driving to work because she was jamming so hard to this song.

Babysitters on Acid:
This song is literally the best thing ever written. Ever. We are so angry we didn’t write it. There’s a whole storyline in this song, and you will laugh your ass off as the story progresses. BV’s favorite song EVER.

Luxury Problem:
In BV, we appreciate bands who can make a point AND execute it in a great way. This song is an ode to privilege, asking everyone “Isn’t it hard when you’re spoiled rotten?”, bringing up how “Even though I’m alright, I like to sit and pity myself because it hurts”. Yaaas girls, slay those entitled assholes.

Bad Ass Bitch:
ANOTHER great anthem for powerful women. Put this on a playlist while you’re getting ready in the morning so you start the day feeling ready to let everyone know how much of a BAD ASS BITCH YOU ARE.

Super duper fun song! We promise you’ll be unconsciously dancing while they sing about their 7 toed, shit smelling, feline friend.

Don’t Want You:
An awesome song about how you think you like someone, and then it just ends up that they suck. It’s happened to the best of us! Now you have a jam to accompany your feelings. You’re welcome.


Get tickets to see Bruise Violet covering Lunachicks on December 5 at the Turf Club here! 

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