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Smile, Cry, Overcome and/or Shake Your Ass with K.Raydio’s Girl Germs Mix

We honestly can’t think of anyone better to take on a larger-than-life artist like Erykah Badu than K.Raydio. This hip hop-, soul-, R&B- and jazz-inspired Minneapolis musician (nee Krysta Rayford) has an eclectic, genre-defying sound that is perfectly suited to Badu’s elusive, experimental music.

We asked Krysta to put together a mix of female artists who have shaped her unique style, and it’s (no surprise) a total banger. Listen to it via Spotify here, or use the player below. Catch her channeling Badu’s genius this Saturday at the Turf Club!

This mix of essential womyn artists spans from songs that I grew up listening to as a kid to music that inspired me to pursue music as a young woman. At some point in my life, every song on this mix made a lightbulb flash above my head with inspiration: to smile, cry, overcome, and/or shake my ass. Nostalgia hit me pretty hard when I was making this, and there were many other brilliant artists that I would have loved to include. I can honestly say that every one of these womyn have made my life better via music. Enjoyyyy.  —K.Raydio


—Dana Raidt


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