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8 Babes in Toyland Videos to Tide You Over Until the Reunion

Holy crap, you guys.  After months of speculation and hints, (Fontanelle-era) Babes in Toyland announced a reunion show!

{image via GrungeBook}

Lori Barbero, the drummer for Babes, was the host of our first tribute night back in May so you KNOW we are huge fans. We’re hoping this reunion show in LA is just the beginning of a tour, or at least a few more shows. In the meantime we put together some essential videos to tide you over until February!

“Memory” (on 120 Minutes)

“Bruise Violet” 

“Catatonic” (live in ’91)

“He’s My Thing”

“Handsome and Gretel” (live in ’95)

“Sweet ’69”

“Mother” (live at CBGB’s, ’92—audio only)


Annnnnnnd…..Beavis & Butt-head’s commentary on “Ripe” 

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