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Girl Gems: Night Moves dish up five female records and their limitless value and influence



Left to right: John Pelant, Micky Alfano and Mark Ritsema of Night Moves. Photo by Nick Walker.

If you have any shred of investment in the local music scene and/or bands that are good then you’re familiar with Night Moves. After they released the initial cut of their debut “Colored Emotions” they caught the attention of Domino Records, securing a contract and eventually touring with touted acts like Father John Misty. Though they are described ad-nauseum as “cosmic country” (which, to be fair, is an accurate assessment) their singular form of faded vocals and twangy arrangements draw from a bounty of sources, namely their own incredible music taste. Knowing their knack and knowledge of music, Girl Germs was ecstatic when they decided to perform The Cranberries at the kickoff show.

So to offer a peek into their musical minds and influence, frontman John Pelant has justified five records by female artists that he finds especially important.

1. The Ronettes: Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes Featuring Veronica.

I love, love this stuff and can’t get enough theres’s so much charm. Phil Spector tried locking up Ronnie, but no one can hold her down. Too powerful.

2. Carole King: Tapestry

I heard this record and then realized all the changes I had been missing in music.

 3. Buckingham Nicks: Buckingham Nicks

Lindsey Buckingham is a major driving force in this band and and Fleetwood Mac. Stevie Nicks has said that when Lindsey wanted to he could really make Stevie songs great, when he wanted to… Who are we kidding though?  Without that voice this wouldn’t be as amazing. No Stevie, no deal.

4. Joni Mitchell: Blue and Clouds

Sometimes I think that this stuff can be a little too flowery and then I remember it doesn’t matter:it’s great. There’s so much feeling and truth.

5. Carla Thomas: Comfort Me

That VOICE, though. Who doesn’t love it? It’s perfect for summer.







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