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Glam Doll Presents: a Girl Germs Donut



 There are few things sweeter than the satisfaction of Kathleen Hanna’s commanding shrieks as the rebel queen of Bikini Kill, but if we really have to go there then a Glam Doll donut inspired by Girl Germs might just take the proverbial cake. In fact, it very much does.  Meet our rebel girl of a donut: a radical blueberry cake donut-made-rock-star with  playful and decadent lavender/marshmallow topping.  Much like the sentiment of Riot Grrrl, this donut DEMANDS your consumption, so stop by Glam Doll and  eat one (or five)! They’ll also be available at the Girl Germs Tribute Show.  We’re super thankful to our sponsors at Glam Doll for creating this beautiful masterpiece!

Additionally, some of you may be aware the Kathleen Hanna just had to cancel her entire tour with her new band The Julie Ruin due to a tragic relapse in Lyme Disease, something she has struggled with very seriously for a long time.  We thought it’d be in the spirit of Girl Germs (and Bikini Kill-loving Rebel Girls/Boys everywhere) if we set up a tip jar  at the donut table that’s proceeds will go straight to Lyme Disease Research (via the Tick-Borne Disease Alliance).  SO DONATE! It’s the least we can do to support someone who has contributed so much to women in music both culturally and physically.

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