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L’Assassins Talk Garage Rock and Thee Headcoatees

We’re so excited that L’Assassins will be paying tribute to Thee Headcoatees at the kickoff Girl Germs tribute night on May 30! We asked Monet of L’Assassins to tell us a little bit about The Headcoatees (who formed in England in 1991 as a backing band for a Billy Childish project, and eventually spawned the solo career of Holly Golightly) so everyone can do their homework before the show.

Thee Headcoatees

The basics: “They were most active in the ’90s and we really like songs from both the earlier and latter part of that decade,” says Monet. “Interestingly, I had known about Thee Headcoatees, but hadn’t really sought them out actively until a reviewer of our “Backseat Bomp”/”Go!” 7-inch compared us to the Delmonas (which was an early incarnation of Thee Headcoatees). I’d say we are bit more fans of Thee Headcoatees sound than the Delmonas – it evolved to be a bit harder and more punk.”

Why they chose to cover this band: “We thought this was a great opportunity to expose Thee Headcoatees to a broader audience since they are not as mainstream as the other artists showcased in the tribute,” says Monet. “They are really representative of the garage revival in the ’80s and ’90s. ”

What they love about Thee Headcoatees: “Their complete straightforward lyrical abandon and punk energy.”


Why you should care about them: “I’m not sure how transparent this is to anyone who is not doing garage music or roots music in general, but a big part of it is about keeping music alive from the previous generation, adding your own twist and of course doing originals too.,” says Monet. “Thee Headcoatees are a great example of doing that well as women – where there’s not a ton of female examples to point to. We like to feel like we are part of that long line of both male and female rockers carrying on that tradition.”



Thee Headcoatees’ influence on L’Assassins: “We talk about how we are influenced by the The Cramps a lot. Thee Headcoatees are a close-second top influence and a really obvious choice for us. Maybe too obvious? But what the hey – anything associated with Billy Chilidish in that era of Thee Milkshakes and Thee Headcoats  – we love it all.”

Set list sneak peek: “We are thinking of doing something fun for our last song which really demonstrates the garage tradition. It’ll be a song covered by not only Thee Headcoatees, but The Belles (’60s), The Pandoras, and Patti Smith – so kind of the ultimate Girl Germs tribute. We’ll leave you with that – see if you can guess! The gals also wanted to do The Trashwomen, so we’ll probably sneak that into our set, too.”




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